Costway Dual Powered Speakers: A Comprehensive Review

Costway Dual Powered Speakers: A Comprehensive Review
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A powered speaker brings your home entertainment system to a higher level. It amplifies sound from movies or music players more than a portable audio device can. While it is true that most people today now use headsets and portable speakers to listen to music, nothing can replace the better listening experience that powered speakers provide.

When it comes to powered speakers, you should choose only the one that produces high-quality audio with vocal clarity and minimal distortion. Many of the speakers in the stores today are marketed to have such quality. However, not all of them work as advertised. So, which one is a good buy?

This article is a detailed review of the Costway Dual Powered Speakers. It has a good number of features that can match your listening needs and preferences but without being too expensive.

Costway Dual Powered Speakers: Into the Details

The Costway Dual Powered Speakers is comprised of two powerful speakers. Despite its amplified sound, it is surprisingly portable, making it is easy to transport and set up. It is packed with advantages that make it worth an investment.

Key Features

  • Superb Audio Quality

The Costway Dual Powered Speakers is a two-way, full-range pair of speakers. It consists of a master active speaker integrated with an amplifier, a 12-inch woofer with a 40-ounce magnet, and aluminum voice coils. Its 25mm tweeter horn provides clear, loud high audios.

With the pre-set digital graphic equalizer, you can add effects or customize the sound quality based on your audio needs and preferences. The frequency range of the Costway Dual Powered Speakers is 50Hz to 18kHz and the line input/output level is 250mV.

  • Multiple Connectivity Options

For more convenience, the Costway Dual Powered Speakers has some integrated technology. In fact, it has built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity where you can play music from a wide range of devices. It has a remote control that allows you to adjust the settings, and a wired mic so you can sing and jive with your favorite karaoke songs as well.

The Costway Dual Powered Speakers also has an integrated SD card slot and a USB input that would allow you to play MP3 songs from a memory card or other storage device. Added features include an FM radio function and a LED screen for displaying relevant information.

  • Hassle-free Installation

The Costway Dual Powered Speakers provides convenient installation. It comes with two pairs of rugged tripod stands that allow you to set them up anywhere you want. This feature makes this speaker a multi-function audio device that you can use for indoor entertainment or lively parties outdoors.

  • Portability

Moving the Costway Dual Powered Speakers from one point to another is more convenient than you thought. Measuring 14 by 13 by 23 inches and weighing 65 pounds, you can easily set up these speakers in any event location as well as bring it back to its original abode.

  • Complete Package

The Costway Dual Powered Speakers comes in a complete package. The package includes a mic and a microphone cord, a speaker cable, a power cord, an active speaker, a passive speaker, a speaker stand, and remote control. You have everything that you need to pump up the party and event.

What Users Love about the Costway Dual Powered Speakers

  • Powerful audio quality and clear vocals
  • Well-built, portable, and convenient to use
  • Easy to install
  • Has adjustable settings
  • Fast synchronization to Bluetooth
  • Provides good value for money

What Users Don’t Like about the Costway Dual Powered Speakers

  • Short speaker cables
  • No stereo audio

Summary of the Features

The Costway Dual Powered Speakers is a powerful pair of active and passive speakers integrated with tweeter horn, woofer, aluminum voice coils, and amplifier, which, together, produce powerful sounds with clear vocals. It is integrated with Bluetooth connectivity so you can play music from nearby mobile devices, as well as both an SD card slot and a USB port for more playback options.

The package comes with all necessary tools and cables so you can use it right away. More than that, it doesn’t require a professional to set it up. It comes with an instruction manual, but you might not need it because it has a straightforward installation process.

  • Audio Quality: two-way, full range and composed of woofer, tweeter, amplifier, and aluminum coils
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, SD card slot, and USB input
  • Added Features: wired mic, FM function
  • Customizability: digital graphic equalizer
  • Installation: easy set-up with two speaker stands
  • Portability: 14 by 13 by 23 inches, and 65 pounds
  • Display: LED screen

Comparison with Other Powered Speaker

Based on the notable features, advantages, and minor drawbacks above, the Costway Dual Powered Speakers look like the perfect speaker for all your entertainment needs. However, it lacks some features that other people might be looking for.

If you are in search of one with a rugged speaker cabinet and an organized cable setup, then the Alphasonik Powered Speakers is a good alternative. This 1500-watt powered speaker consists of one passive speaker and one active speaker. It produces powerful sounds suitable for DJ parties, karaoke, speech events, and other outdoor events.

One awesome feature of the Alphasonik Powered Speakers is the echo function, which allows you to plug in an electric guitar and other electronic equipment. It also comes with a microphone and tripod stands. Its wireless connectivity allows you to play music from different mobile devices. It comes with LED strobe lights too, which blink as the music plays.

To prevent accidents and messy cables in the venue, the Alphasonik Powered Speakers has a built-in speaker twist connector cable, which attaches the two speakers together in an organized manner. This prevents the cable to be unintentionally unplugged from the cabinet.

The features of the Costway Dual Powered Speakers and the Alphasonik Powered Speakers are the same. Although the latter has two more advantages, the Costway Dual Powered Speaker is less expensive but without compromising the audio quality.

The Final Say

Using powered speakers is among the most effective ways to put your outdoor party and event to the next level. It provides more amplified sound that invites people to dance with the music or makes speeches clearer and louder. Powered speakers are a great addition to home entertainment systems too.

As a mid-range powered speaker, the Costway Dual Powered Speakers have the features you need to amplify your entertainment. As durable speakers too, they are worth an investment that will surely last for years.


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