Best Powered Speakers for Karaoke

Best Powered Speakers for Karaoke
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If you dream to be a singer but haven’t got a chance to perform live, we suggest you to try singing on a karaoke system. With good quality karaoke speakers, you can fulfill your dream of being a singer. To help you find the right one, we have listed down the best powered speakers for karaoke systems.

With the built-in amplifiers of powered speakers, you can connect them to any sort of external music source. They can even enhance a low-quality music output.

Best Powered Speakers for Karaoke Reviews

1. Pyle Wireless Active PA Speaker System

These powered karaoke speakers by Pyle Audio can give you a real DJ feel. Being a USA-based brand, Pyle is famous for manufacturing high-end audio speakers for your homes, parties, and cars.

  • Specifications

This speaker comes with a ten-inch subwoofer and a three-inch tweeter. Being wireless, the product is portable and easy to carry around. Powered with a 1000-watt source, this speaker system produces a full range stereo sound.

  • Pairing

This high powered speaker can be paired with Bluetooth. Be it your iPhone, iPad, Android or any tablet; it can work with any external audio sources. You can buy it for personal indoor use or for any outdoor event.

  • Inputs

The Pyle Wireless Active PA Speaker System can be your MP3 once you plug in a USB or an SD Card. You can even plug in a 3.5-millimeter aux cable, an RCA, or any other 2.25 inches mic or guitar input. Overall, it has six inputs available for you.

  • Other Features

With its LCD channel display and a built-in FM radio, the speaker shows you the numbers of songs listed and FM frequency. Using its output clips, you can connect passive speakers. Additionally, this speaker is integrated with flashing DJ lights that can be turned on or off with the use of one button.

  • Control Panel

With the speaker’s control panel, you can adjust volume, echo, bass, or any other sound effect. Its multicolor disco lights add life to your party. You can also mount these speakers on a 35-millimeter stand mount.


  • Great bass quality without any rattle
  • Easily connect with Bluetooth
  • Adjustable bass sound
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use


  • Not battery operated


2. Alto Professional Trouper

The USA-based manufacturer, Alto Professional is well known for its world-class loudspeakers, amplifiers, and mixers. The Alto Professional Trouper is one of its kind when it comes to high powered karaoke speakers. In spite of all its great features, the Trouper is available at an affordable price.

  • Portability and Power

Powered by 200 watts supply, this speaker is lightweight, rubber feet, and pole socket make it easy to carry and transport.

  • Connectivity

You can pair this speaker with any device using Bluetooth. Using its two linking units, you can also connect stereo and an XLR link for external subwoofers and speakers.

With its bi-amplified feature, you can increase sound quality and can add three woofers and a high-frequency driver. The Bluetooth connectivity range lets you pair the Trouper with any device for up to 60 to 80 feet range.

  • Mixer

You can find a three-channel audio mixer at the back of the speakers. Each channel has its own volume and two-band equalizer. Additionally, you can increase the sound output by connecting multiple Troupers together.

  • Sound Quality

Due to its trapezoidal shape, the speaker can automatically reduce sound rattling and boost vocal and bass range. The leveraging technology makes Trouper an ideal speaker for small sized events.

Protected by thermal and dynamic overload, the Trouper always produces clear and crisp sound.


  • You can connect subwoofers externally.
  • Comes with a handle
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Easy to set up and carry around


  • Unclear and improperly labeled manual


3. PRORECK Freedom Powered Speaker System

PRORECK manufactures cutting edge audio instruments. Be it speaker boxes, cables, microphones or stands, they bring innovation in each of their products. Same is the case with their latest portable speaker, the PRORECK Freedom.

  • Power

The PRORECK Freedom Powered Speaker System is powered by a hundred-watt source, as well as remote control.

  • Connectivity

Whether it’s a USB, Bluetooth, SD card, FM Radio or a microphone, you can easily pair and play anything on the PRORECK Freedom Powered Speaker System. It comes with an XLR, RCA, and mic input, as well as an RCA output.

  • Control Panel

You can control volume, mic, echo, MP3, and other audio features with its equalizer and control panel. The two antennas are for volume control and microphone.

  • Add-ons

The two-way speaker with FM radio comes with two wireless microphones, speaker stand, remote control, and batteries. Equipped with a fifteen-inch woofer, compression driver, digital LCD, and titanium diaphragm, the Freedom speaker system can be considered as a karaoke package.

  • Mobility

The speaker is portable due to its compact size, rear handle, and wheels. Being lightweight and having a plastic body, the speaker is easy to carry around.


  • Rechargeable and long-lasting batteries
  • Good sound amplification
  • Affordable
  • Easy to move and carry around


  • Microphones don’t work properly if held a bit away from the mouth.



The three products we have evaluated above are undoubtedly three of the best powered speakers for karaoke available in the market today. That being said, each of them has certain features that can meet different preferences and needs.

For those who like to throw parties now and then, the Pyle Wireless Active PA Speaker System is a good choice. It produces sound without any distortion and disturbance, while the flashing lights give a club theme to your parties. With its all features, this speaker provides professional DJ quality sound.

On the other hand, if you want something decent for your professional events, we recommend you to buy the Alto Professional Trouper. Be it your play rehearsal, movie night plan, church services, jamming or songwriting practices, this speaker is the best for every minimal and small event.

Lastly, if you like to spend most of your time at outdoor parties and events, we suggest you try the Freedom speaker by PRORECK. With its long-lasting batteries, the speaker is the best for every outdoor event. Equipped with microphones, it is also ideal for karaoke singing and other activities.

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