1ByOne Powered Speakers Review

1ByOne Powered Speakers Review
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Getting affordable and stylish speakers that offer great sound quality can be the dream of anyone. If you are thinking to buy a pair of speakers for your house, apartment, or dorm, you should consider buying powered speakers that can be paired with Bluetooth and consume less space in your area.

The powered speakers work efficiently when it comes to amplifying the sound frequency. No matter which device they are connected with, they can generate a promising sound quality. To help you find the right one, we have reviewed and compared one of the best-powered speakers for you.

1ByOne Powered Speakers

While moving towards its goal of “easier and smarter life”, the USA-based manufacturer 1ByOne produces innovative and simple-to-use indoor and outdoor appliances. Be it your kitchen, bedroom, living room, home security, and outdoor living spaces, 1ByOne makes your daily activities easier by its range of products.


Out of its various products, the powered speakers are state-of-the-art innovation by 1ByOne. Because of their wooden texture and bookshelf design, these speakers are ideal for your modern style room or furniture. Here are some of the things you would expect from it:

  • Compatibility

These speakers are Bluetooth enabled. You can connect anything wirelessly from smartphones and tablets to TV or any other external audio source.

You can also easily connect up to two devices using the dual RCA port. Be it your DVD player, TV, or any gaming station, you will have no problems.

In addition, for personal music experience, you can link your headphones with these speakers. With these speakers, you can enjoy any song from your iPod or tablet privately. Further, you can connect USB and TF cards.

  • Amplification

To enhance the sound quality and to boost up the music output, the 1ByOne Powered Speakers is equipped with woofers and tweeters. The four-inch woofers are made up of woven carbon fibers, whereas the one-inch tweeters have silk dome. Both of them produce high-frequency sounds for a better experience.

  • Sound Quality

The powered speakers by 1ByOne produce great sound with rich and deep bass. The integration of tweeters and woofers make the sound treble smooth and clear. Additionally, you can experience the clear vocal pitch while listening to your favorite track on these speakers.

All-in-all, these speakers are great at producing high- and low-end audios. As such, no matter how low or high the frequency is, you can enjoy the crisp sound of your favorite tracks without even missing a single lyric.

  • Control Panel

With the 1ByOne Powered Speakers’ control panel, you can easily adjust the sound quality and output according to your demand. On the speaker’s side, you can find the control panel having three knobs, a LED light, and audio source input.

You can adjust the volume, treble, and bass using the control panel. The LED light turns green when you switch on the power button. To select between the RCA and Bluetooth, you can push in the volume dial.

You can also find a two by twenty-one-watt power output at the back of the speaker.

  • Box

The 1ByOne Powered Speakers package contains two wooden frame speakers with a built-in rechargeable battery, a power cable, an RCA cord, and a user manual.


  • Easy to connect
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Aux cable and headphone compatible
  • Affordable
  • Good sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Extended battery life (five hours)


  • Difficult to pair with other speakers using Bluetooth


For those who want a clean speaker setup at their minimal space, this speaker set by 1ByOne is one of best due to its compact size. They are easy to set up without any messy cables clutter.

If you like to spend your office break or weekends at home watching movies, playing video games, and listening songs, these powered speakers are a great choice due to their sound quality. Their stylish design is a bonus for placing them on a tabletop or even in an office desk.


When it comes to Bluetooth-enabled, powered speakers, you can find a variety of options in the market. To compare another good option with the product reviewed, we have selected the Alto Professional Trouper PA System. Both of the powered speakers are Bluetooth enabled and can be connected wirelessly with other devices.

  • Brand

Brand-wise, 1ByOne is a one-stop-shop for all of your daily appliances and other outdoor requirements. Be it TV and audio accessories, kitchen and health appliances, or any other technology, they offer a variety of product. On the contrary, the Alto Professional is only known for its world-class loudspeakers and audio instruments.

  • Price and Sound Quality

If we compare the price, 1ByOne speakers are comparatively more affordable than the Alto Professional Trouper speakers. Regarding sound quality and output, the 1ByOne Powered Speakers wins the race due to its clear bass and smooth treble production.

  • Usage

You can even use the speakers in small rooms and offices. However, the Trouper is ideal for parties and other indoor and outdoor events.

Another key difference is that you can only use Trouper speakers for the audio source, DVD player, and can also link it with other music sources. On the contrary, the 1ByOne Powered Speakers allows you to play games in addition to playing music.

  • Physical Features

Beside every feature, the 1ByOne Powered Speakers is compact, lightweight, stylish, and easy to use as compared to Trouper speakers. Equipped with only three knobs, the 1ByOne speaker’s control panel is easy to understand and adjust.

All-in-all, the powered speakers by 1ByOne offer great features and sound without emptying your wallet. They can be your best investment for movie nights, music parties, and video games.


For those who are looking for powered and Bluetooth-enabled speakers, we suggest you buy the 1ByOne Powered Speakers due to its easy installation procedure and variety of features. You can buy this classic speaker pair at a very minimal price.

To conclude, the 1ByOne Powered Speakers is the best solution for getting promising sound quality without any distortion and rattle. Place them in your home, office, or bring them to any outdoor event, these speakers are ideal.


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